JR Redigan - Commodore

Commodore JR Redigan has been a member of HRYC since 2004, and has participated in all aspects of the club and has served on most committees several times. He organized bus trips to all FCYC clubs, is a charter member of the Ambassadors committee, has slung a hammer for docks repairs and can actually sing Karaoke quite well.  Commodore Redigan, originally from Connecticut, has lived all over the USA with his family and 4 children, and is now a retired Lt. Colonel with the Air Force.  For 2022, JR has many ideas for his leadership at HRYC, and is looking forward to it.

Cary Meyers - Vice Commodore

Vice Commodore Dr. Cary Meyers is a well-known heart surgeon in Volusia County.  He has been a member of HRYC since 2015 and enjoys sailing.  Originally from Chicago, he has lived in the area with his family for 6 years.  He served 28 years in the Navy and retired from the service in 2012. He and his wife, Laura, live in Ponce Inlet with their three youngest children.  V/C Meyers served as Secretary for HRYC in 2020 and currently is the House Committee chairman.  V/C Meyers attends most every committee meeting all the while working full time.   Since becoming an officer of the club, V/C Meyers has accomplished many projects to keep the club in tip-top shape!

Rodney Blount - Rear Commodore

Rear Commodore Rodney Blount and his partner, Laura Jackson, have been active members of HRYC since 2017, and are passionate about the continued success of the Club.  R/C Blount served as Secretary in 2021 and as a Director on the Board in 2020.  He is currently the Chair of the Docks & Fixed Property Committee on which he had previously served for two years, and is co-chairing the 2022 GulfStreamer. He has volunteered his time for the betterment of the Club on numerous occasions by assisting and/or completing many projects around the Club. R/C Blount is a well-rounded professional with a diverse background provided by more than 35 years of experience in the U.S. military and privately owned business.  


Terri Parsons - Immediate Past Commodore

Frank Ferro - Secretary

Patty Underwood - Treasurer


2019-2020 Chris Brown

2018 - Dave Huff

2017 - Mike Becker

2016 - Glen Wagner

2015 - Margaret Yaeger

2014 - Bill Stevens

2013 - Mike McQuarrie

2012 - Wayne Stewart

2011 - Bill Masters

2010 - Scott Gutauckis

2009 - Lynn McCoy

2008 - Bennett R. Ford

2007 - Chris Brown

2006 - Richard Coughlin

2005 - Jim O’Shaughnessy

2003 - Martha G. Halling

2001 - Robert Schamay

1998 - Paul R. Adamek

1996 - Sonny Fussell

1986 - Bernard A. Heesacker

1984 - Richard A. Harris

1983 - John Bidwell