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Dress Code


1. FORMAL – Men: Tuxedo or Yacht Club Formal.  Women:  Formal Attire or Yacht Club Formal.
2. YACHT CLUB FORMAL UNIFORM - Blue blazer, Club tie, white shirt, white pants, or skirts for women, white socks for men, and white shoes must be worn at the Change of Watch, Commodore’s Ball and the Anniversary Celebration. In addition, Yacht Club Formal will be worn by all members of the Board of Directors, including the newly elected, for the Changing of the Chairs Ceremony at the December Board meeting.
3. YACHT CLUB INFORMAL UNIFORM - Blue blazer, club tie, white shirt, gray pants, or skirts for women, black socks, for men, and black shoes must be worn by officers and board members for general meetings, funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life of club members.  Any member, as a mark of respect at funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life or at any club function designated as Informal, may wear this uniform.
4. YACHT CLUB SUMMER UNIFORM (appropriate attire during the months of daylight saving time) - Short sleeve white shirt with epaulettes bearing the wearer's insignia of rank attached to the shoulder straps, white skirt/slacks/trousers, white belt, shoes and socks.  Club blazer and Club tie optional.  Note: Symbol of rank should not be worn on the collar with the shoulder boards.
5. INFORMAL/COCKTAIL - Jacket and collared shirt required, tie is optional; no jeans allowed.
6. CASUAL - Jacket and tie are optional. Jeans permitted.


1. Shirts and shoes must be worn in the club at all times.
2. 2ND FLOOR:  No bathing suits, tank tops (men), short shorts or cut off shorts are permitted on the 2nd floor except for specified events.
3. COMMODORE’S AND HALIFAX ROOMS: Slacks and Jeans with collared shirts (men) and/or jackets are required in the Commodore’s and Halifax Rooms. Shorts are not acceptable (men and women) except for brunch and themed events (e.g. Grillin’ & Chillin’.)
4. CASUAL:   Casual attire is acceptable in the Flag Room, Boaters Lounge, and Chart Room during lunch hours. It is also acceptable for working committee meetings.
5. HATS:  Men’s hats, caps and visors must be removed on the 2nd floor of the clubhouse, except as part of an outfit for a costume party.
6. COVER UPS:  Bathing suit cover ups should be worn when requesting service in the Tiki Bar.