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Pickleball Announcements


  • The 3rd HRYC Invitational Tournament was held Saturday March 9th.  Breakaway Trails and Cypress Head were the invited teams with Breakaway Trails taking most team points and First Place.  Ginny Ladesic and Larry McCarroll won 8 straight and took First place with most points for individual team.  Thank you Sheryl Moser for organizing the tournament.  (Left to right Andy Krupp/Team Captain,  Larry McCarroll, Barbara Beam, Ginny Ladesic, Nancy Fowler, Al Reale JoAnne Arnold, Tom Thurman missed the photo shoot)
  •  Wanted Pickleball Players to play Saturday March 23rd during the Admiral William D Masters Classic Car Show 10 AM to 2 PM.
  • Pickleball Theme Song:  https://youtu.be/EVSuQAIL-nU?si=GrhDuq7LZiR923JI
  • A brief synopsis of 2024 Pickleball changes can be found at the Pickler: https://thepickler.com/blogs/pickleball-blog/pickleball-2024-rules-changes
  • Oh Really?  No, its "Rally.".. What is Rally Scoring In Pickleball? How does It Works (mdracketsports.com) 
  • Regular Play days every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Let's get Saturday play started ... Put it out on "GroupMe" if you want to play.

 Check out the HRYC Pickleball Promo Video by Jonny Nomad

 Click this link to to view photos of Promo shoot. 6-4-2023 PICKLEBALL DAY AT HRYC - Jonny Nomad ® (smugmug.com)

"That's How Pickleball Rocks" @ HRYC